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How To Apply For Down Payment Assistance?

1. Search For The Programs Available

First, you can do an online search for down payment assistance programs in your area.

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2. Ask A Lender For Help

You can also ask your real estate agent, mortgage broker or lender for help finding down payment assistance programs. Get prequalified for a home loan so you can start your budget conversation.

3. Apply For Down Payment Assistance Formally

Then you can formally apply for the down payment assistance program of your choice. It's important to note the application details, timing, and documentation requirements.

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4. Attend A Course

Before you can receive money from some first-time homebuyer programs, you may be required to take a homeowner education course.

5. Get Pre-Approved

Get an official pre-approval from your lender so you know your budget. Then you can get serious about looking for a home.

6. Find Suitable Homes

Now you can start looking for homes that fit your financial situation. When you find a home, work with your agent to make a good offer while staying within your budget. If your offer is accepted, you can apply for home financing with down payment assistance.

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