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What To Do After Applying For Section 8 Housing?

1. Check Your Waiting List Status

Generally, it takes local offices several weeks to process your application. If the applicant is placed on the waiting list, the order may depend on the time and date of application, or simply by lottery. If not, the offices will inform the applicant of the reasons by mail. Even eligible applicants can be denied due to the lack of resources.

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2. Stay In Contact With The Housing Office

Record your position on the waiting list and keep an eye on the list to estimate your wait time and respond quickly to possible changes.

3. Get Prepared For The Eligibility Interview

Once you have reached the top of a waiting list, the authority may require all members of the household, or just the applicant to take an in-person interview. Get well prepared for it to gain eligibility.

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4. Find An Apartment In Advance

After attaining a Section 8 voucher, the holder has 60/90/120 days to find a unit compliant with Section 8 Program requirements. The voucher will expire after this period, so finding an apartment in advance is a good choice.

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