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What Does A Housing Authority Do?

1. Inspect A Unit For Renting

When a landlord decides to participate in the Section 8 program, the housing authority will assess if the unit is available for Section 8 housing.

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2. Check Eligibility For Programs

Housing authorities are responsible for checking the age limit or income limit of affordable housing programs. In some programs, the disability and other factors should also be considered.

3. Hold Interviews

Before giving the Section 8 voucher or allocating public housing, there remains a final step: eligibility interviews. The housing authorities will assess the applicants’ financial situation and verify personal information.

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4. Formulate Waiting Lists When Necessary

Due to the high demand for public housing, Section 8 voucher, rent assistance, and relatively insufficient supply, in most areas, housing authorities need to formulate waiting lists and put the most needed on the list.

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