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Where To Find Affordable Rental Housing?

Reaching the top of the waiting list is really exciting, however, after receiving the voucher, the applicant still has one last step to go: finding affordable rental housing. Here we will explore where to find affordable housing and give you some tips.

Where To Find Affordable Rental Housing?_1

1. Contact Your Local Housing Authority

Affordable housing programs and waiting lists are often operated by housing authorities. They are aware of the buildings and apartments available as affordable rentals. Try to search by county to learn more information.

2. Preferences And Discrimination

When the housing offices put the applicants on a waiting list, they ought to give priority to the disadvantaged groups (children, senior citizens and the disabled). But when it comes to choosing a rental, any type of preference or discrimination is prohibited by Fair Housing Act.

3. Directly Turn To A Landlord On The Rental Market

If an applicant has joined the Housing Choice Voucher Program (or Section 8), it is possible to find a landlord on the rental market and ask if the voucher is acceptable. It is a good idea when you have found a rental in advance, but not all the rentals have joined the Section 8 Program.

4. Look For 2 Bedroom Affordable Apartments?

Rent assistance or housing vouchers often bring with them some restrictions. In most cases, the housing voucher would determine what type of affordable housing is available. If you are a household of 2 people, you would be eligible only for 2 bedroom apartments.

5. Discount Amount

According to the income of the applicant (for instance, 50%~80% of the AMI), the housing voucher would pay for 50% to 70% of housing rent. However, there exists a minimum amount for rent. While choosing a rental, take the price into consideration.

6. A Reasonable Landlord

Affordable housing programs give tenants more privacy and freedom to deal with their rooms. So long as the tenants pay the rent in time and do not destroy properties, the landlord can not evict the tenant. Choose a reasonable landlord carefully to avoid trouble.

7. Act Quickly

The duration of a Section 8 Voucher is 60/90/120 days, depending on the housing authority. To avoid letting their voucher expire, the applicants need to act quickly to gather information.

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