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How To Meet The Requirements For Section 8 Yearly Inspections

To make sure you're living in a safe environment as well as review possible changes in your income, Section 8 performs inspections annually to each household and property. As tenants, you will have to fill in a series of documents sent by the Public Housing Authority (PHA) in order to let them proceed with your recertification process. Let's have a look at what documents are required.

 How To Meet The Requirements For Section 8 Yearly Inspections_1

1. Income Verifications for all household members (Wages, TANF/DPA, Child Support, SSI, Social Security, Pension, Unemployment, etc.).

2. Childcare Verification

3. Family Composition Form

4. Signed Applicant/Tenant Certification (Fraud) Form

5. Attachment A/HUD 92006 Optional Contact Information (2 copies)

6. Asset Verification (Bank Statement – Checking & Savings), Stocks, etc. Provide Current Statements.

7. Annual Continued Occupancy Form (ACO)

8. Signed Authorization of Release of Information (HUD Form 9886). Must be signed by each household member 18 years and older.

9. Family Obligations (2 copies)

10. Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Program (RHIP) (2 copies)

11. Medical Expense Verifications for disabled/elderly (62+) households

12. Zero Income Affidavit (if applicable). Contact Housing Specialist for forms.

13. Full-Time Student Status – For Dependents 18 years of age and older, provide letter from the Registrar's Office verifying full-time student status or a copy of student's current schedule.

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